The Best Way to Start Your Planning of Places to Visit in Israel

Planning an itinerary for travel in Israel? A good place to start would be a panoramic view of the country that will “sweep you off your feet.”  This preview can be seen in the context of selecting choice places to visit in Israel.

Where to find it?  Right here – at the new Friends of Zion Museum in the heart of downtown Jerusalem. The tour of our museum – the most technologically advanced museum in Jerusalem – begins, fittingly enough, with a colorful, breathtaking, panoramic fly-over film of Israel from south to north, east to west, projected on a wide screen with identifying location subscripts, and even a topographic map on the floor in front of you that electronically traces the aerial tour. An original musical score and surround sound all contribute to a unique emotional experience.

Visit Israel

We zoom over fertile agricultural fields, azure shorelines, the Negev desert, the dynamic economic and cultural center of Tel Aviv and adjacent ancient Jaffa, Mount Carmel and Haifa, the heights of the interior mountain spine and the Sea of Galilee, the dramatic desert cliffs of the Dead sea region, and, of course, the domes and spires of the heart of Zion – timeless Jerusalem.

Even former Israeli President Shimon Peres, international chairman of the Friends of Zion Museum Board – who surely knows places to visit in Israel better than almost anyone — says that he had never seen Israel look so beautiful as in this sweeping presentation.

No Shortage of Places to Visit in Israel

Looking for new and exciting places to visit in Israel? There’s no shortage of fascinating points of interest in this country that is indeed small but nevertheless packed with sites of natural, historical and religious locations to see and experience.

But before starting out, you would be well advised not to miss the spectacular “Israel from the sky” tour-opening presentation at our Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem. Of course, the continuation of this museum tour holds many more surprises for FOZ visitors altogether making the FOZ tour a not-to-be-missed experience, introducing visitors in the most Interactive and engaging way to non-Jews who have made enormous contributions to the restoration of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel in the modern era. It is a visit that will surely enhance your travel in Israel and your plans for a special vacation in Israel. For a preview of the museum tour.