The First Smart Museum in the Middle East

The Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem is not only a unique educational experience, but is rather a trip into a wondrous world of a high-tech history of the Land of Israel, presented as in no other place in the world.

Unlike most traditional museums which are built on a concept of presenting separately themed exhibits on a certain subject, visitors to the Friends of Zion Museum will be wrapped up in a collective yet highly interactive group experience.

Launched in September of 2015, The Friends of Zion Museum is comprised of a state of the art Visitors Reception Center and an adjacent four-story Exhibition Building. The museum does not encompass any objects, but rather impresses and surprises with cutting-edge technologies harnessed into an immersive story-telling adventure that takes one on a guided whisked journey through the history of the Jewish people and their historic attachment to the Land of Israel.

The museum is designed for visitors from around the world, offering tours in 15 languages. Children are particularly entranced with the high-tech presentations.

To create the museum, two beautiful, existing, historical buildings in the heart of Jerusalem were transformed for the new mission. This was done by preserving their exteriors while re-imagining their interior space with 21st century space design concepts, packed with technology and content.

Stepping into the Friends of Zion Museum, one becomes wrapped up in a highly interactive group experience that begins with the Biblical period of Israel and leads up to the modern miracle of Israel, focusing specifically on the role of courageous Christians in the last two centuries who helped make that miracle possible.  These were the Friends of Zion that give the museum its name.

The story is told in the various galleries through the use of stunning aerial photography, video projection on sculpted figures, avant-garde animation, directed sound, giant touch screens with figures that come to life, filmed figures that address the visitors who stand before them, and a three-dimensional presentation with a surprise ending. The entire excursion through the museum is accompanied by an original musical score.

All-Israeli Team Produced the Museum

An all-Israeli team of professionals, headed by the Disk-In Pro company,  worked  together for many months in close collaboration to produce this finished technological wonder. The team merged experts in architecture, interior design, crowd flow, technology, cinematography, animation, art, music, special effects and more.

They all came together to produce a message of friendship, a connection between the Jewish people and Christians figures in the Western world who led the movement for restoration of the Jews to the Promised Land. A prelude to this tells, in dramatic visual fashion, the story of Abraham and the settling of the Land of Israel, the exile from the Land, and the ultimate return of the Jewish people in our time to their historic homeland.

A World Leader in Digital Equipment

The experience encompasses over 30 Video projectors, more than 45 LCD screens, and over 50 sound speakers. All these components unite with a mainframe computer room to control the entire system. The end product is that the Friends of Zion Museum is not only the first smart museum in Israel, it also has the largest volume of digital equipment per square meter in any museum anywhere.

The Friends Of Zion Museum is thus unquestionably the most significant demonstration of new technologies in exhibition storytelling in Israel to date, providing a museum experience unlike any other.