Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales Visits the Friends of Zion Museum.

On May 15, 2018, President Jimmy Morales of Guatemala visited the Friends of Zion Museum with his close family and children, just one day before the opening of the Guatemalan Embassy in Jerusalem. The museum was the President’s first place President Morales visited in Israel.

President Morales was the second head-of-state to make the courageous decision to move the Guatemalan Embassy to Jerusalem, Israel. A few months ago, President Jimmy Morales was awarded the Friends of Zion Award at the President’s Office in Guatemala.

President Morales’ brave decision and his steadfast support for strong Guatemala-Israel relations has earned him his place in history. While President Morales received the Friends of Zion Award a few month ago, after declaring his intent to move the Guatemalan Embassy, yesterday, the President received an engraved Jerusalem stone. The Jerusalem stone is a foundation stone used in Israel’s capital city Jerusalem. The stone can be found all over the Holy City, the presented stone includes the symbol of the new Guatemalan Embassy and is inscribed with the words “Pray of the peace of Jerusalem: May those who love you be secure.” – Psalms 122.

The opening ceremony of the Guatemalan embassy in Jerusalem took place on Wednesday, May 16th, at the new embassy offices in the Malha neighborhood. The ceremony was attended by Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales and the Guatemalan Delegation, in addition to Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, the Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, Mr. Sheldon Adelson and Dr. Miriam Adelson and Dr. Mike Evans, Founder of the Friends of Zion Museum who has launched a campaign stating “President Morales is a Friend of Zion”.

Hosting the President of Guatemala, a great friend of Israel at the museum and being a part of the opening of the embassy is a great honor for FOZ Museum. FOZ hosts thousands of Guatemalan tourists every year and is proud to host their President. The President was very moved by the Friends of Zion’s message of building bridges and supporting the State of Israel.  The president stated: “the visit and the experience in the museum has been truly important. It has been really touching and inspiring”. About the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem the President said “with the love we all show we will be able to gain word peace, and strengthen our allies and alliances, and of course our nations”.

FOZ looks forward to additional embassy’s opening In Jerusalem and hopes, as President Morales stated, to gain world peace and strengthen our allies.